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Jul 28, 2022
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Although both phase 3 studies were conducted in more than 40,000 people, the absolute numbers on which the efficacy estimates are based are not high; for Soberana-2, there were 5 symptomatic patients in the vaccinated group symptomatic disease, compared with 51 in the placebo group. But beyond research, the ongoing vaccination campaign speaks for itself in order to prove that the vaccine works. When the country's medical staff were vaccinated in early March, the number of infections among health-sector employees dropped immediately. This has also been observed since mass vaccination began in Havana in May. More than 7 million doses of the vaccine have already been administered in a campaign focused on the country's capital, which was initially the epicenter of the infection process. In all other provinces, the incidence has risen sharply. In the capital, where half the population has already been vaccinated, however, infections have fallen to half their peak. Like other countries with high levels of vaccination, with the recent entry into Cuba. Aggressive Fax Number List Delta variants bounce back. Phase 3 studies of the Cuban vaccine are still ongoing with the Beta strain circulating. Even though they appear to have good immunity to Delta, it cannot be ruled out - as seen with other vaccines - that they are slightly less effective against this variant, especially if vaccination is incomplete. Iran is also conducting a phase 3 study of the Sovereign. Vaccine with 24,000 participants, and the Cuban vaccine has received emergency approval. In Cuba, Abdala recently received. Both "Abdala" and "Soberana-2" are based on a protein platform that has been used for decades to treat polio, tetanus and other diseases. Unlike the new messenger RNA vaccines from BioNTech and Moderna, this is an "old-school" technology. But the advantage is that these vaccines can be produced in existing factories, experience.
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