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Mim Chowdhury
Jun 21, 2022
In General Discussion
Sometimes it's better to find a sense of identity in the test game. It just happens to be an opening topic for groups with social disabilities. Optimization suggestion : Regularly update, and then add a setting of "replica shadow" (all ten test results are the same) to whatsapp Database design it as a surprise pop-up window mode , so as to give users a sense of surprise caused by hidden attributes and increase stickiness. (2) Soul official background push Soul's official background push function is very powerful and powerful. Where is the greatness? As far as the lock screen whatsapp Database notification is concerned, the official notification to the user is also the main discussion of the latter at the product operation level. The copywriting of the lock screen notification is a magic weapon of Soul, just like the reason behind the success of Durex and Jiang Xiaobai. Soul allows whatsapp Database users to enter the scene through copywriting, so as to open the APP to participate, add tags to participate in the same topic, and increase user input and participation. 6. Competitive analysis 1. Competitive product comparison From the above table, the following conclusions can whatsapp Database be drawn: the three main target user groups are young people, the proportion of which is more than 50% under the age of 35. The highest and as high as 83.69%. The difference is that the ways of making friends are not the same, which leads to different emphases whatsapp Database on the characteristics of the products. From the perspective of product user characteristics, soul and tataUFO users pay more attention to chatting, while Jimu users pay more attention to whatsapp Database being comfortable. (different needs, take what you need) From the characteristics of the product, soul mainly focuses on social methods with a high degree of personality matching through tests.
The Official Notification to the whatsapp Database content media
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Mim Chowdhury

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