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mamun 123
Jun 16, 2022
In General Discussion
Is there a one-step approach to becoming a director right after graduation? That doesn't happen, unless you're in your own father's company. The growth of operations requires executive list a process, and the content of the work done at different stages is different. This is the process of using kinetic energy to accumulate potential energy. When you are a commissioner, you need to do the execution work properly. When you are a manager, you must do executive list a good job in the operation planning of the department. When you are a director, you must learn to use the company's resources to maximize the value of the product. Each skill is like the kinetic energy of an object in motion. With this kinetic energy, it can be converted into potential energy for deep understanding of the work . And kinetic energy to potential energy has a very critical point: the need for continuous movement , this sentence is the core of this article. Why executive list do people who often change jobs grow very slowly? You are doing activity operations today, but you are doing user operations before you understand it, or you are going to be product managers after a executive list few days of operational work. After a few days in a position, there is a small flame of kinetic energy. It was extinguished before it was converted into potential energy. Going back and forth, kinetic energy cannot be transformed into potential energy. After executive list a few years, it has become a waste of time, which is a pity. Recently, I have come into contact with some individuals who have achieved some achievements. They all have one thing executive list in common, and they have been deeply cultivating in a field for more than ten years. A friend of mine has been working in the game industry for seven or eight years. He has absolutely nothing to say about the understanding of this industry, and there is nothing he doesn't understand.
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mamun 123

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